BigGrips Connector Adapters T-Plug male & Female 2 pairs

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Many connectors are small and diffucult to grip. Especially if you have oil or grime on your hands. 

makes life easier with their BigGrip connector adapters. These handy adapters mount to your T-Plug and give you a textured, larger surface area to grip the connector when disconnecting power. This saves you frustration, and eliminates any need to tug on the wires themselves. Each adapter is two pieces, and is attached using a small dab of glue.

We suggest a silicone type sealant glue as this makes the adapter semi-removable without damaging the plastic of the plug should you ever need to service a solder joint.

This set is for T-Plug male & Females.

Plug Type: T-Plug Female / male
Qty: 8 pieces
Weight: 3g