JR Propo DMSS Sensor TLS3-ROT (Pulse Sensing Rotation Sensor)

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Application for 'Motor Rotation' function of DMSS Radios.

Pulse sensing rotation sensor which takes pulse signal data directly from the brushless motor.

Using this direct method provides accurate data and easy installation.

Only one signal wire needs be connected to any of the brushless motor leads. There is no need for an extra sensor unit.

The pulse signal can be visibly checked referring to the LED on the unit.


Detection System: Motor pulse sensing system

Detection range: 1000rpm-50,000rpm

Rated voltage: 4.8V

Operating Voltage: 4.0V - 8.5V

Compatibility: XG11 / XG8 / XG6 / 11X-Zero (Ver.0002-0001 or later and with DMSS Module).

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