JR Propo DMSS Sensor TLS1-VRO (Variometer & Altitude)

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Product Features

  • The use of a slim, lightweight MEMS barometric pressure sensor enables easy mounting.
  • Despite its small size, the high-precision barometric pressure sensor and therometer result in a highly accurate temperature compensated altitude display.
  • A high-brightness LED confirms unit operation.

Product Description

JR Propo DMSS Telemetry Sensor TLS1-VRO (Variometer and Altitude). These easy to fit sensors will give you in-flight information from critical parts of your model.


Detection System: Altitude conversion from barometric pressure

Detection Range: ±99.9m/s, 0~9,000m

Detection Accuracy: Vario ±0.1m/s, altitude ±2m

Operation Voltage: 4.0 ~ 8.5V

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